Suggested Donations

Boy with MatzahBecause of the economy we have been receiving many calls for assistance. During Passover, many families turn to us for help.
Please help me help them.
Give what you can! 

We try to give $180.00 per applicant. (Each applicant is  screened for their needs.)

May G‑d bless you,
because you are helping others. 

"Rabbi! Thank You for your tremendous work! I want to help you help others!"

 $1800.00    Help Ten Families 
 $1000.00    Generous Holiday Donation 
$500.00      Holiday Donation 
 $360.00      Help 2 Families 
 $180.00      Help 1 Family 
 $100.00      Donation 

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 In Memory of: Make a donation in memory of a deceased family member or friend.

 In Honor of: Make a donation in honor of someone who has inspired you.

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 Please acknowledge my gift by mail to the above street address.

Recurring Donation Please charge the above amount to my credit card each month for the next twelve months.


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or send a check to our
Secured Mailing Address:
Chabad of Bel Air
2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle #16
Bel Air, CA 90077