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NO YEARLY Temple Membership to join our services
Why do we ask for your donation to attend?

to help us cover our HIGH HOLIDAYS COSTS

To accommodate
the ongoing Covid Crises
we plan to host
 TWO 90 minute
Rosh Hashana
outdoor services

Yom Kippur will be at the LUXE Hotel

To RSVP for High Holidays Services
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donation of $250 per Adult
$125 per child under 10 years of age


Your R.S.V.P. guarantees you the following:

  1. All EIGHT services during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
  2. A special Cantor
  3. Prayer books in Hebrew/English
  4. Prayers said in Hebrew/English for all to understand and help you to participate
  5. Children’s Services
  6. Kiddush (refreshments) following Services.  

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$250 per Adult $125 per child under 10 years of age

Rabbi ... Please let me add to my RSVP
and help you with the HIGH costs by Sponsoring following:

$10,000 Sponsor Holiday Bags to all attendees and to the community Sonia & Alan Heshel
$1,800 Flowers for Rosh Hashana  Sponsored by Julie & Peter Weil
$1,800 Flowers for Yom Kippur  Sponsored by Julie & Peter Weil
$5,000 Sponsor Tent & Chairs
$3600 Towards the new Preschool room
$2,000 Extra Security to protect everyone Laura & Sam Goldfeder Sunny & Moussa Hassid
$1000 Break the fast for Yom Kippur 
Or & Eliran Mor + Roberta & Harold Tennen + Sandie & Albert Shadgoo + Beverly & David Wertheimer
$1000 Special Covid Masks Irina & Gary Zaks
$770 Holiday Gift
$24,000 Complete Sponsorship (Hotel and all of the above!)

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Let us know, which Service you wish to attend on Rosh Hashanah

Tuesday September 7th Service #1 11 - 12:30pm  or  Service #2 1230 - 2pm
Wednesday September 8th Service #1 11 - 12:30 or Service #2 12:30 - 2pm

Yom Kippur will be regular services at the LUXE Hotel

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Mailing Address:
Chabad of Bel Air
2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle #16
Bel Air, CA 90077


May G‑d Bless you with a Year of Health, Happiness & Success!