Baruch Hashem

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Welcome to the RSVP page
for the Purim Dinner on
Thursday March 21, 2019

Purim Masquerade Party

Each dinner RSVP is $36 per person
($20 per child under 9 years old)

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$10,000 SPONSOR THE ENTIRE EVENT (Call Rabbi Mentz -310-666-7971)

$2500 Sponsor One of the Vegas CIRCUS ACTS (There are 2 MAJOR ACTS Gives you 6 RSVP's)

$1800 Sponsor Dinner (gives you 6 RSVP's)

$770 A Birthday Gift for Rabbi Mentz (gives you 5 RSVP's)

$600 A Purim Gift  (gives you 5 RSVP's)

$500 Sponsor 1 SIDE SHOW ACT  (4 RSVP's)

$180.00 Lchayim Gift (2 RSVP's)

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