Chabad of Bel Air has 4 online programs this week to get you through the isolation period

1.Bedtime stories for Children       
2. Torah Class for Adults
3. Cooking Classes        
4. Pre Shabbos Service online 

1) Bedtime story time for children 630pm Sunday - Thursday


2) Torah Entertainment for Adults 12 Noon on Thursday.Join Rabbi Mentz during lunch for a Torah class online


3) Cooking Class: Join Rebbetzin Charna and her daughter Chanie as the bring 2 Shabbos dishes alive. Modern Day Gefilta Fish and Matzah Ball Soup. At 7pm Click here to enter the Cooking Class


4) Pre Shabbos Service 6:15 pm Join us for an uplifting Service before Shabbos Begins
Click Here to Join the