Baruch Hashem

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            Corona-Virus!!!! Who knew this was going to happen when we were all gathered together on the High Holidays? G‑d sure knows how to mix it up and challenge us. In the past few days, Governor Newsom and the city of Los Angeles has allowed us to open our synagogues. 

On the one hand: Keeping you safe is more important than any GOV approval.

On the other hand: Being this Friday is the holiday of Shavuos, where we must hear the 10 commandments, and on this Shabbos we do Yiskor for our loved ones. Can we keep everyone safe?

Having full services opened to everyone can be very dangerous. But, can we do something to fulfill these special Mitzvahs?

After having long discussions with health officials and other rabbis,  I have decided, that we start very slowly and we begin with a VERY SOFT OPENING, with many safety guidelines. (see below)


Service #1
FRIDAY May 29th: 10 Commandment Service 6:30pm 

We will have an OUTDOOR service in the back yard of the Chabad House where seats will be placed 6 feet apart. ONLY those who will RSVP will be allowed to come to this service. If you do RSVP, it means you agree to all the guidelines noted below. (Text me with all the names you wish to attend)


Service #2
Shabbos May 30th: YISKOR SERVICE 1:00PM

On Shabbos day we will have a 30 Minute Yiskor Service for your loved ones. Only those who RSVP will be allowed to come to the Yiskor Service. (Text me with all the names you wish to attend)



SAFETY Guidelines

1.          People must register by 12 noon on Thursday. Only registered people will be allowed in.

2.       No one is allowed in unless they are wearing a mask throughout the service.

3.       No one with the virus or virus-like symptoms may RSVP to Services

4.       Anyone over 70 must consult with their doctor if they should attend. If anyone has concerns, you should not come and you SHOULD NOT feel guilty about not attending.

5.       No Kiddush/food will be served.

6.       No one should bring food in. (only bottled water)

7.       No one can congregate to talk with each other once admitted inside.

8.       No children under 6 years of age can attend the 10 Commandment reading

9.       Children must sit next to parent’s the entire time (once we have your RSVP we will provide family seating areas for your family). No child has permission to run around during services.

10.   If you do not wear gloves, you must use the hand sanitizer that we provide, before you enter for services.

11. The Torah will not be walked around for all to kiss.


All of these rules are made to protect each other. I understand, many do not feel safe, while others wish we have full services. Therefore, I have decided to just have a SOFT service for those who wish to attend.


If this weekend goes well, we will evaluate how to approach the following week. By no means should we assume we can drop our guard; therefore we are doing our best to protect each other with the best way possible.

We must start moving fwd, but with complete caution. After each service we will sterilize everything. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me, I am open to suggestions etc.


I miss you all, and I look forward to the day we can gather together without any restrictions. Until then, we must do our best and create the safest environment for you. So, let's see how these short services work out and G‑d willing we will be able to continue taking baby steps towards regular services.


Wishing you a wonderful Shavuos and may G‑d bless you with good health.


Rabbi Chaim Mentz