SchoolKid.jpgHebrew School is an incredible opportunity. Where we have the chance to inspire future adults with a sense of Jewish pride and awareness.

  At Chabad of Bel Air our goal is simple: We want our students to acquire an appreciation and pride for their Judaism. We hope to engage their senses of identity by capturing their imaginations and attention. So, we make it our goal to ensure our lesson are intriguing to the students, and have a  relaxed and positive atmosphere.

We teach Hebrew Reading, Jewish History, Jewish Values, Arts and Crafts, Israel and Holidays.

We provide a stimulating and enjoyable environment by using  lessons that are multi-sensory and hands-on. The students truly experience what they are being taught. 

The lessons encourage discussions, to create a lively, interactive classroom experience. The information truly becomes part of the student.

Our  special program welcomes every Jewish child, regardless of religious background, affiliation or level of observance so please don't hesitate to call and join our innovative and exciting Hebrew School experience!

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!