We Would Love To Invite You For Shabbos DinnerRabbi & Charna.jpg

We Love Meeting New People..... What Greater Way Than A Shabbos Meal?

Join Our Family Friday Night for Shabbos Dinner!

Shabbos Wine.jpgTo really get to know us, is to Wine and Dine with our family.

The Friday night Shabbos Dinner is a Hallmark of our open door policy.

If you are looking for a new community, and Jewish Experience, please contact us, (look at top of this web-page and click 'contact us'), leave some information about yourself, with a phone number where we can contact you.

Rabbi Chaim & Charna Mentz

An actual conversation:

"But Rabbi, I am not religious," you say.

Last I checked you don't need to be religious to eat.

"But Rabbi, it is such an imposition on your wife to make all that extra food," you say.

When you come, G‑d willing, you bring great blessings to/for my family.

Shabbos Table.jpg

"But Rabbi, you already have enough people," you say.

It is never enough. My family would be honored to have you as our guests.

"OK, OK. But what can I bring?" you say.

Bring yourself and bring a friend & together we will experience Shabbos.

Please contact us to let us know that we will be having the pleasure of your company.

See you.